xweld-security provides a pluggable architecture for obtaining security metadata based on user credentials. xweld-security implements a generic API that can be plugged in at run time, so applications that use this module and wish to migrate to another implementation later, may do so via configuration. xweld-security attempts to anticipate the security requirements common to most enterprise applications, and provide out-of-the-box abstractions and implementations that greatly simplify the programming effort for a given application.

Features that make xweld-security an attractive mechanism for implementing security in your financial application include:

  • A run time configurable Security API that can support multiple implementations
  • A default implementation that supports users, roles and permissions
  • It is independent of any application server or runtime container
  • It supports centralized authentication using the industry-standard JAAS framework
  • It supports role-based partitioning of data based on configurable value sets
  • It supports arbitrary number and type of user defaults and preference settings

The module documentation is available here:

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