Enterprise projects invariably involve data integration with upstream or downstream applications. This means that data moved between disparate applications must be mapped. The documentation of how one domain model is mapped to another is typically maintained in mapping spreadsheets. There is also usually one such workbook for each source or target system.

The xweld-mapping project provides the application domain model developer with a set of annotations for marking up their domain classes and a command line processor that uses reflection to build a mapping spreadsheet template for each system from a configurable list of classes. Using the annotations and the mapping makes it super-easy to generate an Excel workbook for recording all mappings required to satisfy your domain model.

Core components include:

  • A set of annotations used to mark up domain classes
  • A processing tool that reads a configurable list of classes, processes them by reflection to build an Excel workbook that can be used for mapping purposes.

The module documentation is available here:

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