The <xweld/> JAVA JDK financial class library is a suite of Java class libraries designed to accelerate the delivery of Spring-based capital markets applications. The framework is maintained by the <xweld/> Development Community. It contains pre-built configurable software patterns that can be quickly wired together into enterprise-scale JEE or JSE financial applications. The <xweld/> framework is the brainchild of <xweld/> Community founder and principal architect John Free and it is currently used in production by some of the world's most successful financial institutions and consultancies.

The current production release of <xweld/> is version 4.1.2-FINAL. The current development release is version 5.1.2-SNAPSHOT. <xweld/> requires the JAVA 7.x JDK and Maven 3.x or higher.


  • A JAVA framework that adds many useful fiance-related functions to the Spring platform
  • An auditable application configuration mechanism based on JPA and Spring Environments
  • A set of annotations and tools that make creating mapping template worksheets from any domain model of POJOS a snap
  • A set of useful services for financial applications, such as currency conversion, simple workflow and quote service that will integrate easily with enterprise services
  • A pluggable application security framework over JAAS using user- and role-based metadata to dynamically configure application entitlements.
  • A distributed cache abstraction with support for runtime-pluggable providers using JPA, Hadoop or Infinispan that makes adding horizontal scalability to your application easy and configurable
  • Distributed processing via map/reduce or an executor model supporting multiple vendors with grid-friendly resolution and atomic value support for any data type
  • Financial application foundation classes, including currency and currency conversion, quotes, rates, cash flows, curves, schedules and prices, periodic scheduled tasks, holiday calendars, business centers, regions, day count calculators, analytical models, market data, money, ultra-lightweight dates and time stamps
  • An extensible reference implementation of the cross-asset trade domain model and griddable valuation framework.
  • A unit test framework for testing <xweld/> applications and components based on TestNG

Read more about the features, architecture, benefits and guiding principles behind the design of the <xweld/> JDK by clicking here.

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<xweld/> Is Part Of The Spring Ecosystem
As of revision 5.1.1, the <xweld/> Financial Application JDK now leverages the power of the Spring 4+ Framework.
Added by John Free almost 7 years ago

<xweld/> Tools Version 3.4.2-FINAL is out
The release of <xweld/> 3.4.2-FINAL has been promoted to FINAL status.
Added by John Free over 8 years ago

<xweld/> Tools Version 3.3.1-Final is out
Version 3.3.1-Final has been promoted to production-ready status and is available for distribution to licensed parties.
Added by John Free almost 9 years ago

<xweld/> Tools Version 3.2.3-FINAL is out
Version 3.2.3-FINAL has been promoted to production-ready status.
Added by John Free almost 10 years ago

<xweld/> Community Home Page
The <xweld/> Community project page is online.
Added by John Free almost 10 years ago

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