<xweld/> Is Part Of The Spring Ecosystem

As of revision 5.1.1, the <xweld/> Financial Application JDK now leverages the power of the Spring 4+ Framework.
Added by John Free almost 7 years ago

As of revision 5.1.1, the <xweld/> Financial Application JDK now leverages the power of the Spring 4+ Framework. The integration of <xweld/> with the Spring ecosystem makes the combination even more powerful and enables developers to jump start enterprise development efforts even faster.

One of the design goals of <xweld/> Tools is to support secure, auditable configuration management for enterprise applications and support the configuration of multiple environments. Historically, weld implemented this type of configuration usign a custom suite of JPA entities and services. In Spring version 3.1 the abstraction of Environments and Profiles across the container was introduced, a framework that is almost identical to xweld's legacy configuration management. For this reason, the configuration features of <xweld/> applications have been replaced with a Spring-based implementation. The resulting code base supports the setup and configuration of multiple environments, such as "production", "development" and "testing" and allows the deployment to switch between them using Spring's active profile mechanism.

All configuration information remains secure in the JPA database, is fully auditable and is retrievable by dependency injection. As before, this means applications can be preconfigured once, and quickly deployed to a different context specific to each defined profile. It's as simple as adding the following lines you your Spring beans.xml file:

<bean name="CommonsConfigurationFactoryBean" class="org.springmodules.commons.configuration.CommonsConfigurationFactoryBean">
  <constructor-arg ref="AuditableConfiguration" />

<bean name="AuditableConfiguration" class="com.xweld.configuration.AuditableConfiguration"></bean>

The redirection of the configuration bean to use xweld's auditable configuration over JPA is all that is needed and your Spring application will auotmatically obtain all environment information via JPA. For more information, please contact us.