<xweld/> Tools Version 3.4.2-FINAL is out

The release of <xweld/> 3.4.2-FINAL has been promoted to FINAL status.
Added by John Free about 8 years ago

Major Changes in this version include:

  • the configration mechanism was simplified over previous releases to move to the 'properties' single table model.
  • extended the list of default converters to include primitive types.
  • added coherence grid-cache implementation.
  • refactored JDBC Data Reader to support parameters that can be any serializable object, not just strings.
  • added the resolver framework to core/persistence
  • added methods in ClassUtils to support serialized objects to/from base 64 representaiton
  • fixed issues starting and stopping servers/services inside J2EE containers, such as the Tomcat class loader issue.