<xweld/> Tools Version 3.2.3-FINAL is out

Version 3.2.3-FINAL has been promoted to production-ready status.
Added by John Free almost 10 years ago

Version 3.2.3-FINAL has been promoted to production-ready status and is available for distribution to licensed parties.

Changes in this version include:

  • dates now have a time zone
  • added hashCode and equals to Region and Business Center
  • added SPOT to quote type
  • deprecated the BinaryData class from workflow, changed BinaryAttachement to use byte[]
  • added the @Column annotation on JPA uses of byte [] to force the creation of the correct length so JDBC does not default it to 255.
  • added check to Money constructor and methods that the amount/value cannot be null.
  • expressions now support calling zero argument methods by reflection
  • added JPA 2.0 method to IPersistenceManager:
      <T> TypedQuery<T> createNamedQuery(java.lang.String name,
          java.lang.Class<T> resultClass);
  • deprecated cleanEntityManager in favour of just using close(), which no longer does a close on the factory,
  • ensure every reference to UTC is changed to GMT for consistency.
  • workflow changes to make state a property of workflow item so obtaining the current state is potentially less expensive than making an engine call
  • modified conversions betwen calendars and XML gregorian calendars to they are symetric w.r.t. conversion to/from strings. ConverterTest in core demonstrates the idea.
  • changes to the JMS queue/topic readers to handle (a) multiple sessions/consumers per connection and (b) automatic reconnection attempts after a lost connection. Both of the these changes are configurable in the JMS configuration objects/tables. Created a new abstract class ‘JmsReader’ to minimize the duplication of the multiple session and reconnection code between the queue and topic readers. Also updated the reader’s shutdown methods to fully close the connection.
  • changes to the xweld JMS writers to handle automatic reconnect if the connection is lost. The queue and topic writer configurations have inherited two new attributes ‘reconnectAttempts’ and ‘reconnectWaitInterval’ from JmsWriterConfiguration. reconnectAttempts specifies the number of times the writer will attempt to reconnect to the JMS provider if the connection is lost – the default is 0. reconnectWaitInterval specifies the time in ms to wait between reconnect attempts after the first reconnect attempt.
  • added message log failure helpter method to Reader
  • multithreaded implementation of DirectoryReader.DirectoryReaderConfiguration now has a new attribute 'readerThreads' that specifies how many reader threads will be created for each DirectoryReader. When reading the contents of a directory the filename of each file in the directory is placed on a blocking queue which is listened to by the reader threads. Once a reader thread gets a filename from the queue it processes it using the same logic that DirectoryReader used before this change.